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Evolutionary Studies Club at Get On Board Day

EvoS Club

UA EvoS and Marine Science Club after fossil collecting at Harrell Station
The UA EvoS and Marine Science Club after a long day of fossil collecting at Harrell Station, the university-owned Cretaceous chalk locality in the Blackbelt of Alabama.

In addition to the EvoS minor, the EvoS Club is a student-founded and student-run club that is as inclusive as it is fun. Students from various majors in Arts & Sciences bring diverse perspectives to student-led discussions and projects on campus.  The purpose of the club is to engage in evolution-oriented activities outside the classroom, including field trips, exclusive lunch meetings with the visiting ALLELE speakers, and outreach on campus and in the community.

EvoS Club membership is not exclusive to EvoS minors; we welcome all interested undergraduate and graduate students to join! Contact us at to get involved!

A student presenting her research poster

Club Officers

Chloe Keck: President

Chloe is a junior double majoring in Biology and Latin with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. She is a member of the Human Behavior Ecology Research Group (HBERG) where she is completing her independent EvoS project examining the public’s perception of alcohol consumption and illicit drug use as it relates to the Drunken Monkey Hypothesis. She is also involved in Dr. Ryan Earley’s animal behavior lab in which they examine the hermaphroditic, sex-changing Mangrove Rivulus and the evolutionary purpose of sex change. Her main interests include Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.

Mia Demarco: Vice-President

Mia is a Microbiology major and Women’s Studies minor. As for Evolutionary Studies, Mia loves learning about the theory of endosymbiosis as well as the evolution of host-pathogen relationships. She is an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Becker’s lab studying disease ecology and host-pathogen relationships between the pathogenic fungus Bd and amphibians.

Cameron Johnson: Treasurer

Cameron is a senior from Hattiesburg, Mississippi majoring in Biology and minoring in English.  His interests are in Zoology and Wildlife Biology.

Jacob Honeck: ALLELE Chair

Jacob is a senior geology student who has been with the club since the Spring of 2018 and has worked in the Alabama Stable Isotope Lab as well as the Alabama Museum of Natural History. He is also conducting research with Dr. Tom Tobin, measuring stable carbon isotopes across the K-Pg boundary.

Haylee Quertermos: Secretary

Haylee is a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. Haylee is a member of the Earley Lab where they study the sex changing, self-fertilizing, hermaphroditic fish, Mangrove Rivulus. She is currently running an independent project studying if subordinate fish are more likely than dominant fish to change their sex from hermaphrodite to male.