In addition to the EvoS minor, the EvoS Club is a student-founded and student-run club that is as inclusive as it is fun. Students from various majors in Arts & Sciences bring diverse perspectives to student-led discussions and projects on campus.  The purpose of the club is to engage in evolution-oriented activities outside the classroom, including field trips, exclusive lunch meetings with the visiting ALLELE speakers, and outreach on campus and in the community. EvoS Club membership is not exclusive to EvoS minors; we welcome all interested undergraduate and graduate students to join!

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UA EvoS students teach the public about Alabama fossils, share the story of fish evolution (together with the Marine Science Club), and dive into dinosaur role play during the National Fossil Day event. October 17, 2018.

2018- 2019 EvoS Club Officers:


Danielle Adelaide Secor




    President: Danielle Adelaide Secor






Emma Burlingame







Vice-President: Emma Burlingame







Chloe Keck




Secretary: Chloe Keck





Leah Travis Taylor




Treasurer: Leah Travis Taylor





Jacob Honeck




ALLELE chair: Jacob Honeck





UA EvoS and Marine Science Club after fossil collecting at Harrell Station
The UA EvoS and Marine Science Club after a long day of fossil collecting at Harrell Station, the university-owned Cretaceous chalk locality in the Blackbelt of Alabama.


ichthyologist Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty with students
The UA EvoS Club with the distinguished ichthyologist Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty (LSU) after his lecture “Making Evolution Accessible to Everyone,” with exciting take-aways from cavefish evolution and plate tectonics to how our views on evolution should inform our decision-making as citizens. November 1, 2018.
Dr. Chakraburty with ALLELE chair Dr. Laura Reed and founding director of EvoS Dr. Chris Lynn.
Dr. Chakraburty with ALLELE chair Dr. Laura Reed and founding director of EvoS Dr. Chris Lynn.












EvoS students



EvoS students with Dr. Katie Hinde (Arizona State University) after her fascinating lecture on “Mother’s Milk: How an adaptation older than dinosaurs underlies the success of the human species.” October 4, 2018.




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swag for sale
The founding UA EvoS Club members showing off their fresh club t-shirts while they teach museum visitors about evolution.