EvoS students with E.O. Wilson
EvoS students with Harvard Professor Emeritus and UA alum Dr. Edward O. Wilson.

About EvoS

This minor includes two team-taught capstone courses that are integrated with the University’s Alabama Lecture’s on Life’s Evolution (ALLELE) series. Speakers for this series change annually, and a list of current and past speakers can be found here. This integration involves the interaction of students with invited speakers from various disciplines inside and outside the classroom, exposure intended to provide students with a vantage on post-baccalaureate opportunities for people with training in evolutionary studies.

EvoS is part of a worldwide consortium that includes 42 other institutions. This affiliation provides students access to additional resources outside UA, including an EvoS Journal, archived lectures by evolution experts, a newsletter, blogs, and links to student EvoS groups active at other institutions.

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UA EvoS students get to meet with experts in evolution, who visit the UA campus through the ALLELE (Alabama Lectures on Life’s Evolution) series. Here students discuss human evolution with Dr. Mohamed Noor, Professor of Biology from Duke University, following his dynamic lecture “Evolution in Warp Drive: How could there be so many humanoid species in Star Trek?” November 29, 2018.




The EvoS Curriculum Committee

Rebecca Totten Minzoni (Director), Geological Sciences, rminzoni@ua.edu

student wearing an Alabama t-shirt standing by a body of water
(Photo by Zach Riggins, UA Strategic Communications)


Christopher Lynn (past and founding Director, will be teaching ANT 150 and ANT 480 in Spring 2019), Anthropology, cdlynn@ua.edu

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Anthony Buhr, Communicative Disorders, anthony.buhr@ua.edu
Ryan Earley, Biological Sciences, rlearley@ua.edu
William Evans, Journalism and Creative Media, wevans@ua.edu
Joshua Eyer, Nursing, joshua.c.eyer@ua.edu
Deborah Keene, Geological Sciences, Blount Undergraduate Initiative, dakeene@ua.edu
Kevin Kocot, Biological Sciences, kmkocot@ua.edu
Erik Peterson, History, elpeterson@ua.edu
Laura Reed, Biological Sciences, lreed1@ua.edu