International Darwin Day 2019 will be held Tuesday, February 12, and hosted by the EvoS Club. Stay tuned for updates on planned speakers and activities!

students posing with statue of Charles Darwin





Evolutionary Studies Club members showing their admiration for Charles Darwin during the Fossil Day 2018 event at the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Darwin was born February 12, 1809, and published his theory of evolution in the book, “On the Origin of Species” in 1859.






Past Darwin Day Events


Southeastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society 2016

Inaugural Conference (Darwin Day 2016)

Darwin Day Colloquium 2015

Presented by the Evolutionary Studies Club

Dr. Kilian Garvey, University of Louisiana, Monroe
Dr. Kilian Garvey, University of Louisiana, Monroe

The keynote speaker is Kilian Garvey, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Louisiana in Monroe. The colloquium was held in Smith Hall 100 (In the Alabama Museum of Natural History) Thursday, February 12 from 12pm-5pm. We will be hosting a cake and music video contest and academic and creative presentations.

Program Schedule

12:00: Sarah Duncan “The Relative Importance of Religion and Education on University Students’ Views of Evolution in the Deep South and State Science Standards across the United States”

12:25: Dr. Amanda Glaze “Exploring Evolution: Acceptance & Rejection in the Southeastern United States”

12:50: Brett Smith “How Evolution Will Shape the Future of Medicine”

1:15: Sherrie Alexander “An Overview of Macaque Adaptive Radiation and the Resulting Complexities of Human-Macaque Interactions”  Ashley Daugherty, and Melinda Carr  “Fireside Relaxation: A Burning Question”

1:40: Jessica Reynolds “Form and Formaldehyde”

2:05: Juliann Friel   “Reflections on Being Human”

2:30: Dr. Richard Richards “Philosophy of Evolution and Evolutionary Philosophy”

3:00: Contest winners announced/break

4:00: Kilian Garvey “The Darwinian Irony: How the Process of Natural Selection Explains the Rejection of the Theory of Natural Selection”

About Dr. Garvey: Dr. Kilian James Garvey is an Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Louisiana – Monroe. He received his doctorate in cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Toledo studying the laterality of episodic and semantic memory but found human non-optimal decision making much more interesting. He explores evolutionary cognitive mechanisms such as bounded rationality, error management theory, and motivated social cognition to help explain apparent irrational beliefs in rational people.

About Dr. Garvey’s talk: The rate of public acceptance of evolution in the United States is, in spite of overwhelming empirical evidence, lower than that of every other scientifically advanced nation. Most explorations of this widespread public rejection of the theory of evolution have focused on socio-political factors such as level of education, religious affiliation, and political orientation. In light of what is known about the mechanisms of evolved cognitive architecture, bounded rationality, and motivated social cognition, it may be surprising that a complex biological postulate with deep existential significance like natural selection is accepted at all. This presentation will explore individual differences in cognitive style, affective vulnerabilities, and moral reasoning behind the failure to “believe” in Darwinian evolution.


call for video proposal Darwin Day 2015


Darwin Day Poster2014 Darwin Day Colloquium
Wednesday, February 12, 12-5 PM
Alabama Museum of Natural History (Smith Hall), Room 205
Keynote speaker: Dr. Steven Platek, Department of Psychology, Gwinnett College KEYNOTE CANCELED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER

Preliminary schedule:

  • 12:00: Dr. Leslie J. Rissler, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama. “This View of Life: How Understanding Evolution Can Transform You.”
  • 1:10: Dr. Dana J. Ehret, Curator of Paleontology, The Alabama Museum of Natural History. “Darwin and Paleontology: A Hunt for the Missing Intermediates.”Darwin Day Poster
  • 1:50: Dr. Erik Peterson, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, The University of Alabama. “Am I Not a Man and a Brother? Why Darwin Opposed Slavery–and Americans Opposed Darwin.”
  • 2:30: TBA
  • 2:50: Lauren Pratt, “Human Evolution at the Hearth: The Influence of Fire on Human Psychophysiology.”
  • 3:10: J. Brett Smith, Geological Survey of Alabama. “Beyond Paleo and Towards Ancestral Health.”
  • 3:30: Break, Cake Competition and refreshments, K-12 student poster exhibit.
  • 4:00: Dr. Steven Platek, Associate Professor of Psychology at GA Gwinnett College. CANCELED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER
  • 5:30-7:00: Movie (TBA)CANCELED

Talks and Interactive exhibits, K-12 poster exhibit, evolution trivia, movie night and more!!!!!!!!
Presented By: Evol Grad Student Association, The UA EvoS Club, & EVOWOG

2013 Darwin Day Research Colloquium

Tuesday, February 12, 2-5 PM
UA Ferguson Center, Ballroom
Keynote speaker: Dr. Jaime Cloud, Department of Psychology, Birmingham Southern


  • 2:00: Jessica King – Introduction
  • 2:05: Dr. Michael Sandel “A Hard NUMT to Crack: Characterizing Mitochondrial Pseudogenes in Genomes of healthy and Malignant Human Cells”
  • 2:25: Malia Bunt “A Study in Human Habitat Selection and the Biophilia Hypothesis”
  • 2:45: J. Brett Smith “The Prospect of Darwinian Self-help”
  • 3:05: Brandi Lowe “Heritability of the Shy-Bold Continuum”
  • 3:25: Dr. Patrick A. Frantom “Evolution of Allosteric Regulation in a Multi-domain Enzyme”
  • 3:45: Erica Schumann “Group Selection in Religious Communities: Assessing Sustainability in Unitarian Universalism”
  • 4:25: Break
  • 5:00: Dr. Jaime Cloud “The Meaning of Beauty: Cues of Women’s Fertility and Reproductive Value”


Photos from the event

EvoS Club with Jaime Cloud
EvoS Club with Dr. Jaime Cloud at 2013 Darwin Day Colloquium